Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Some things about me

Everyone (i.e. About 3 people) on Twitter has been writing a series of interesting facts about themselves. It's rather fun to read so I thought I'd do one myself. However, I do not want to clog up everyone's timeline or make reading it compulsory so I have decided to write a blog which no one has to read but they can if they want. Isn't that nice of me?

So, here we go...

1. I do not know how to spell my middle name. (might as well get the freaky stuff out of the way first!) Well I can sometimes spell it. Sort of. After several attempts. But I hate my middle name so I never use it apart from for exams.

2. I am crap at social interaction. I'm also pretty crap at Twitter conversations. If you've thought a couple of my tweets have been a bit confusing or I've said something odd in a conversation to you, you might want to read my next blog to find out why. I really don't mean to.

3. I enjoy organising things in height, colour, chronological, numerical etc etc order. I'm pretty pedantic too.

4. I love palindromes. Love them. Lots. Especially numerical palindromes.

5. I do not like celery. At all. Ever. Eugh.

6. I used to be hugely shy and quiet in primary school but got much louder and bolder in secondary school - to the point that I got a bit annoying and no one in my class could imagine me being shy. I think (I hope) I might have calmed down a bit in the last year or so. Mainly.

7. I hate going on the London Underground but I love the map. I have the map on my bedroom wall and I spend a lot of time looking at the interesting locations and the pretty colours.

8. I also have a poster of the 'Tree of Life' on my wall because it is fascinating, along with three World War II posters (Dig for Victory, Kitchener Wants YOU, Keep Calm and Carry On), lots of photos, a Tim Minchin Calendar, four Harry Potter Lego posters (they used to come in the Lego boxes) and a London Baker Street street sign.

9. I still own a Tweenies umbrella from when I was little. I know. I'm sorry.

10. I love my family more than anyone else in the world - especially my mum, dad and brother Ben.

11. As you may have noticed, I'm quite self deprecating. I think this is because I don't want to disappoint anyone. Basically, I don't want to let people down so I tend to downplay things a bit. Then they're not disappointed if it's crap, but if it turns out to be quite good, it's a pleasant surprise. When having conversations, I say sorry quite a lot just in case I've said something stupid. This does of course backfire quite a lot and can make people annoyed that I'm so bloody pessimistic about everything. Hmm. Basically, I try my hardest not to alienate people and or make them think I'm strange and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm sorry if I have alienated you somehow. I didn't mean to. (There I go again!)

12. I LOVE Christmas and everything festive. Even though I'm an atheist, I still get a wonderful feeling in my tummy when we get all the decorations out (including the Nativity set - we just treat this story as we would a fairytale. Quite sweet and fun but absolute bollocks.) Every year I make a list of things I am planning to do in the run up to Christmas, including watching Tweenies Christmas Specials, Winnie the Pooh Christmas video, The Bear, Father Christmas and The Snowman just because I do it every year and Christmas wouldn't be the same if I didn't. GCSE mocks really screwed up my Christmas routine this year though. Grr.

13. I have lots of obsessions/phases. When I was younger it was stuff like Postman Pat and Winnie the Pooh and Tweenies (they were long phases. I don't think my parents have ever forgiven me!), then it became things like Madeline (the French girl in the boarding school - great books), Milly-Molly-Mandy (also great books), then more grown up things like House and Billy Elliot and Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, and then I went back to all the old children's stuff like Thomas the Tank Engine and Tweenies etc. I think this is because I like getting nostalgic about my childhood because it really was a bloody brilliant childhood. Can't recommend my parents enough. Oh and of course Harry Potter has been a recurring obsession since I was about 7 (see this blog).

14. I love pasta rather too much. In every form. Yum. And quiche. And moussaka. And lots of other things. Basically I just love food. Mmmm....

15. I have taken a liking to binary. Don't know why, but it's awesome! (Incidentally, 15 is 1111 in binary. My favourite.)

16. I have two stripey colourful scarves which I wear every day at school (not at the same time obviously) and I love them. Lots.

17. I love Lego. Best. Toy. Ever.

18. I do not like crayons. All waxy and yucky and horrid. Ugh.

19. I am fascinated by circuit boards. They look wonderful and are so complicated and lovely.

20. I have just realised why most people kept these lists of things on their twitter feeds - it restricts them to 140 characters per fact. Doing a whole blog has allowed me to waffle on and on and on. If you have not got bored reading all that, thank you very much. I salute you. I hope I haven't scared you with my weird personality too much.

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