Saturday, 22 May 2010

My Saturday - (sort of) Live Blog

Hello all. Today is Saturday which is the day I've been looking forward to all week! Firstly, it's the weekend and that's always good. Secondly, we are getting two kittens today!!! And thirdly, IT'S DOCTOR WHO LATER!!!!!!!

So I am doing a live blog of today. It's just occured to me that Twitter basically is a live blog of your day, every day. So this isn't as exciting as i'd thought it would be. But oh well! I'll just have to keep the stuff I put on Twitter quite basic and put all the good stuff in here! Also, this isn't exactly live. It's live when I write it but it's quite a while after all the stuff's happened when I put it up. So there will be two parts. This is the first part of my day:

9:41 am
I am currently sitting on my bed, putting my socks on. We are meant to be going to collect Georgia in 10 minutes and I'm not dressed yet.

Yay! 10.01 is a palindrome! Well I'm dressed now and we are in the car. I am wearing nice trousers, my Royal Air Force t-shirt, stripy socks and my awesome red Converses! I have just had a banana muffin, a babybel and paracetamol for breakfast. Yes I am that cool.

We are now in Oxford. I like Oxford. My mum grew up in Oxford. I didn't. We lived in London (Chiswick) until I was about 4 and then we moved to Oxfordshire just after Ben's first birthday and just before Christmas. I still remember all the boxes! Anyway, Oxford is nice. They have good shops and good cookies. Ben's Cookies in the Covered Market are the best cookies IN THE WORLD!!!! Yum.

It's soooooooooooo hot in the car! We are playing 'Spot the Expensive House' - it's very easy to play in Oxford. Oooh we've just been past Granny's old road! That's brought back lots of good memories :-)

Okay we're here! Now to get Georgia!

Got her! She's terrified, poor thing. The lady that was looking after her (Niki) is lovely and has given us loads of advice and information. Ben is talking to Georgia in the back seat and she is trying to get out of the cat basket. It's fascinating to see Ben connecting with a new animal. He really wants her to like him and keeps saying 'Hello. Do you like me?' It's very sweet.

She's very chatty! She's meowing a lot and sticking her paw out of the cat basket which is adorable but also shows she is scared which is sad.

We're home and Georgia is getting to know the sitting room. She's very timid and scared but she seems okay. She's veeeery sweet! She likes going behind the sofa. Her head keeps bobbing up and down because she's sniffing everywhere she goes. Now I'm going to find old, staggering Molly in case she feels left out.

Molly is covered in muck, outside in the leaves. I thought she was dead at first but then I saw she was breathing. That would've been a real downer. When my dad has finished teaching, we are going to get Harry. We're a bit worried about Harry because he doesn't seem to have had a very good start to life. He's grown up on a farm without much attention so he may need to be house-trained and fed up a bit. But hopefully he'll be okay.

Georgia has just eaten some dry kitten food! Now she's washing! We're making progress! She almost went to sleep minute ago. She must be knackered! She likes the wand thing we bought. She loved playing with it when she was at Niki's house with her brothers and sister.

Haha now she's on the Wii Fit Balance Board!

Now we're in the car again on the way to the farm to collect Harry. I'm eating Mini Chedders and they are tasty. I am also wearing Dad's Indiana Jones hat. I look very good in it (if I do say so myself) and it suits me much more than it suits him. He only got it because it was the only hat that would fit on his head! He has a very big head.

We're here! It's very farmy. Lots of pigs and horses and chickens. The kittens are all a bit dirty. Harry is very sweet though. A bit scared. His sister was VERY VERY LOUD!! The farmer was talking about them with the same terms you would use for horses and pigs and he said he's never had kittens before so I doubt Harry and his siblings have had much housetraining.

He's sitting quietly in the corner of the cat basket, staring out at Ben and the front of the car. I think he's going to need a lot of care and attention (or TLC as people seem to say.)

Harry was terrified to start with and cowered under the chair. But he seems okay now. Hahaha Phoebe just hissed at Harry! She is terrified of him but Harry isn't bothered! He's just tucking into his kitten food. He must be starving! Oooh Phoebe's very annoyed! He's just drunk HER cat milk! Her fur is standing on end and she's creeping around, staring at him.

He loves the litter tray! He doesn't seem to understand that it's where you're meant to pee. He's rolling around in the litter, purring!

Harry is absolutely tiny compared to Phoebe! He's only a week younger but I think he's slightly malnourished :-/

Harry is purring! He likes me! He doesn't run away anymore when I stroke him! This has made me very happy :-)

Phoebe is asleep on the top of the sofa, above Ben, where she had been watching him playing Zelda. Harry is asleep on mum's lap while she is on her laptop. I think we've worn them both out!

Ooh Ben's taken Phoebe off the sofa and has plonked her into the bed/scratching post we bought. Not sure if she wants to be there. I expect she'll jump off soon.

Yep she's jumped off!

Humph I'd better do some homework.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The second last of the Time Lords

I think my dad is a Time Lord. I really do. He knows absolutely EVERYTHING!! The other day, we went round to some friends' house and we were talking about the election and things and he suddenly started talking about some political movement that happened in the 50's (or some other time - I wasn't really listening.) He talked about this thingy for about 5 minutes with huge passion and intelligence while the rest of us just sat there, nodding, completely bemused! But my dad has a brain like.... the opposite of a sieve. He reads long history books and remembers all of it! He literally knows everything there is to know about Oliver Cromwell and the Civil War and most of everything about the rest of history. He's also reeeeeeeally knowledgeable about science (probably mainly chemistry, although I have no proof of this.) And he knows everything there is to know about politics. Trouble is, he's very, very opinionated. Which is good but can get in the way sometimes. Like when he loudly tells Cameron to "Sod off" in the middle of his speeches. It is quite funny though!

For his job, my dad is a cellist so he knows all there is to know about music. This comes in useful when you do music related things at work all day. He got a scholorship for the Royal College of Music so he left school at 16. This really worked out for him, in a way that it doesn't for others because my dad is awesome at playing the cello. Mum says he is one of the best in the country. Which he probably is. When I have been to his concerts, I have noticed that he is very good. I never really notice that at home though because he's always practising rather than performing. And also I would rather listen to my own music than hear Schoenberg blasting out of the music room. Dad is now in a quartet which is nice. They have recently got a new viola player called Rose and she is very nice.

Anyway, apparently my Grandpa Joe used to say that if my dad had gone to university, he would have almost certainly got a 'first.' And I agree with him (although I'm not entirely sure what getting a 'first' means.)

And therefore, I think my dad is a Time Lord because he is the cleverest person I know and he is brilliant and he has a magical cello case which is very light because it is made of carbon fibre or something so it could also be a TARDIS. And he could be a retired Time Lord because he enjoys being with my mum and me and Ben more than he loves travelling the universe so he has decided to stay on earth. Or he could have just seen all of the universe already so he thinks it's time to settle down. Which is nice of him.

However, you may be thinking, "Ah, but why hasn't he regenerated?" Well, silly, if there are no alien threats or monsters around to get involved in (he leaves all them to David Tennant and Matt Smith), he won't necessarily get killed so he won't regenerate. Unless he gets hit by a bus, in which case he will have to tell us that he is a Time Lord and prove he is still my dad in order for us to trust him again. What with him being in a different body an' all.

And so, there we are. He is a Time Lord.