Saturday, 6 March 2010

iPod touch??

Hello. This is an experiment blog. I'm seeing if I can blog successfully on my Blogger app on my iPod touch. I am currently listening to a Harry Potter audiobook. I love Harry Potter! Soon there will be a HP Lego game! I'm really looking forward to it. I have a huge collection of HP Lego. It is under my bed at the moment in a big box. I have a Harry Potter phase every year or so, when I read/listen to all the books, play with all my lego, play all the computer games watch all the films and listen to the soundtracks. Tis fun.


  1. as a true fan, you need to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and see the Harry Potter exhibit/installation thingy.
    Allie xx

  2. Turns out I can blog from my ipod!

  3. Allie,
    yeah I've seen video's of the construction site. It looks brilliant! Sadly, we aren't going to America for a few years. Germany this year. Some day we will go to New York...