Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Goooood Evening!

Good evening! Due to popular demand, I have decided to do another blog! When I say 'popular demand' I mean a couple of people mentioning that they liked the last blogs - namely my good friend from Germany, Säbba! Säbba is great! He is a really nice friend, he helps me with my German homework and he likes my blog :-) :-) I'm not very good at german and most of our conversations are more in english than german because he is very good at english. He is also brilliant at making films! This is his website: (not entirely sure how to do hyperlinks)- my favourite film is called 'Fast World' which is here: - The bit where he speeds up and reverses a rose wilting is amazing!!! (that bit starts about 1 minute, 40 seconds in.)
Anyway, onto the main subject of today's blog. I will eventually do one about the BBC and how much I love it but I shall wait until I have more time because that'll take me a long time. Today's blog is about my Granny.

My Granny is brilliant. She is always there for me and I love her to pieces! I have very happy memories of being at her house, going back to when I was 4 or 5. We made paper dolls and played imaginary games and board games such as Snakes and Ladders and The House That Jack Built. When I got older, we played Monopoly and Uno, but we always went back to the old classics. She had a lovely little stove which kept the whole house warm and a lovely Grandfather clock which now resides in our dining room because it was too big to fit in Granny's new house when she moved. I adored staying overnight at her house because the evenings were so cosy! We played with paper dolls all afternoon, then ate supper (she always cooks broccoli just how I like it), then had a choc ice (a tradition), then we got ready for bed. I loved that spare room - especially the duvet! I have one quite similar on my own bed, all these years later! We then talked for ages and ages. I always wanted to know about when she was younger or when my mum and aunt were growing up or how she and my grandpa met. These conversations were very special to me and still are! We have similar ones nowadays. I pop in on her almost every day after school because I walk past her house to get to and from school. We have a biscuit rule too - we are only allowed a biscuit on tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays. We very good about this rule! We only ignore it when i've had a rubbish day or an exam. It's lovely to be able to sit down and relax and talk to someone who understands everything I'm talking about. Granny remembers who all the people I'm talking about are and never disapproves of anything I say. Or if she does, she doesn't make it obvious. It is often hard to get up and prepare for the next half mile section of my journey. Sometimes we ring home to let them know that I am on my way - in case I die on the way. This is unlikely but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Anyhoo, I'd better stop. I can understand that this blog could have been a bit boring for anyone who isn't a member of my family.... which is most people. But writing about 'the good old times' has made me very nostalgic so it makes me want to write more and more! I just wanted to convey to everyone how much I love my Granny! I didn't even mention Hippo or brioche for breakfast! Oh well. Another time :-) need to go to sleep now. G'night everyone. G'night Granny. Xxxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely blog, Meg. You should print it out and show it to her. (You know how computer-literate she is!!)


  2. meg, you can be so sweet! If I was your Granny, I would be extremely proud to have a granddaughter like you!

  3. Well I'm extremely proud to have a granny like Granny!

  4. I also knew your granny when I was a child and it was always lovely being at her house just like you say. your desrciptions are so alive and evocative, I feel I'm in the room with you.
    Allie xx