Friday, 26 February 2010

Meg's Adventures At Didcot Power Station (Part Three)

Hello and welcome to: Meg's Adventures At Didcot Power Station (Part Three). I honestly did not envisage this story going on as long as it has done, so for that, I profusely apologise. I tend to ramble when I am writing. And talking for that matter. Luckily, I have got out of the habit of doing this at school. Well sort of. I do it a lot less than I used to anyway. But I still do it when writing, so sorry about that!

Anyhoo, back to my gripping story! Then we went to the massive boiler room so we had to put our earplugs in again. We were one level above the floor and it was quite a way down and there was only a railing stopping us plummeting to our deaths. I have to admit that I couldn't help thinking, "Oooh Health and Safety wouldn't approve!" I'm sorry but I couldn't stop myself. As we were walking round, Zoe slipped on some water and Emily had to catch her. That really freaked everybody out! We all noticeably slowed down and were more careful as we made our way to the staircase at the end of the platform. At this point, Fred decided to tell us that 2 men had fallen down the chimney things on the roof and had died. Everyone went very quiet and started to hold onto the railing. It took ages to get down the staircase because everyone was taking on step every 5 seconds. Again, I thought to myself, "Oooh those stairs don't look very safe! Have they had the Health and Safety checked?" I am still ashamed of those thoughts :-( Then we went back to the classroomy bit we went to at the begining. Oooh whoops! Forgot to mention the classroomy bit in MAADPS Part One!! Sorry!! Yeah, when we first got to the power station, we went into a classroomy place and got talked to about power stations for a bit. It was very boring but they gave us biscuits! And the diagram of the power station they showed us had lighty-uppy things so that was nice to look at. That was the point when they gave us luminous coats and bob the builder hats and yellow earplugs. Don't know how I managed to forget that! Anyway, so we went back to that place and then realised that 'Oh-my-gosh it's 2 o'clock already!' So we had to get back to the bus quickly and I never got a chance to say goodbye to Fred :-( On the bus, we had to fill in a questionaire about the trip. It was one of those 'strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree etc' questionaires. The questions were things like:

1. Did you learn a lot from this tour? (my answer: Strongly agree)
2. Did you find this tour useful? (my answer: Strongly agree)
3. Did you find this tour enjoyable? (my answer: Strongly agree)
4. Are you now considering becoming involved in any aspect of our production in the future (or something like that) - (my answer: agree)
5. Are you interested in taking part in future tours? (my answer: Strongly agree)
6. How could we improve the tour? (my answer: making the tour longer)
7. What are 3 things that you have learnt from this tour? (my answer: ummmm)

I think for no.7, I copied someone elses. I did learn something but it's quite hard to list. Looking back on those answers, I look like a real teacher's pet!! Oh well. I really enjoyed myself! Everyone was really suprised that I enjoyed it because from the sound of it, everyone found it boring and tedious. On the way home, I played Cubefield on my iPod touch and texted Emma while she was in German. I'd forgotten she was still in lessons. Oops. At least she didn't get into trouble. She seems to use her phone all the time at school. I'm rubbish at texting secretly. Well I'm rubbish at texting generally.

So that concludes the 'Meg's Adventures At Didcot Power Station' series! Hope you've enjoyed it! I have. I'll admit that it is full of irrelevant waffle. But it was fun to write and I hope fun to read :-) I shall certainly continue blogging because I like doing it and I think that's what matters. Although it is great to have lots of readers! I love you guys! Till next time :-) xxxx


  1. heyy meg
    erm just to say i dont reli use mi phone all the time at school :P just sometimes
    but good blog:)
    em xx

  2. You use it the whole time! You're always texting Hannah! Especially in science.

  3. Ooh I've just remembered! I never finished The Meg Manual! I could make these blog posts into a book when I've done enough.

  4. Well, this was my favourite Part!