Monday, 22 February 2010

Books :-)

I received some 'constructive criticism' from my mum yesterday. She said not to start my blogs saying 'ummm.... not sure what to say...' etc because it gets boring. Which is perfectly true so I wont.

Back to school today and everything is pretty much the same. I've got 3 GCSE exams in the next 2 weeks - maths, history and science. Fun fun fun! Oh well, once they're done, I can forget about them.

Todays (short) blog is about books I have decided. I happen to be reading 5 books at the moment. They are all really interesting but it's quite hard to read 5 books at once. I am re-reading a book about how Russell T Davies wrote Doctor Who scripts. It's a very good book! I am also reading Mark Kermode's book about his life and films. I haven't got very far in that one. And I'm reading my great friend Allie's book which I am really enjoying. It is my school reading book because we have 10 mins at the start of each lesson to read because it's meant to boost our vocabulary - which it does. I am reading Allie's book most at the moment because I don't have a huge amount of time for reading at home at the moment what with work and stuff. I did more reading in half term. Umm... and I'm reading a book called English History 1914-1945 which is very interesting but the print is tiny and it uses very advanced language. It takes me 5 minutes to read every page! I'm only on page 25 or something. Anyway, I'm reading a book about money and banks too, so I can understand the recession and everything. I can proudly announce that I finally understand Interest!
Right, I'd better go to sleep. I have been writing this in my bed on my iPod touch! Ok then, nighty night! xxxx

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